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The Law of the Garbage Truck® Seminar
for Teachers and School Leaders

The Law of the Garbage Truck for Teachers and School Leaders

David knows the powerful impact teachers have on students, parents, and communities. He believes that there is no one outside of a student's family that has a greater impact on students than their teachers. Just consider the numbers: In the United States alone, more than 58 million students, K-12, go to school every day. If a child has a good experience in school, families, friends and communities benefit.

David knows from personal experience. Ask him about his high school freshman math teacher year who helped set him on an academic course that led him to Yale and the University of Pennsylvania. Ask him about the teachers who encouraged him throughout grade school and middle school to focus on studying and playing sports, not on the nonsense of some of the kids around him.

As the parent of two elementary school age girls, David is committed to helping teachers use their natural talents, enjoy their work, and feel a sense of purpose every day they are in the classroom.

David's programs help create a school-wide positive and productive culture. His programs are immediately practical, and easily transferable to the classroom. David's message significantly improves the relationships teachers have with each other, their students, and the students' parents. David gives teachers, administrators, and principals the tools to focus on what's important, not the negative things they cannot control.

David offers The Law of the Garbage Truck Program tailored to teachers and presents his teacher-focused Happiness-based Leadership™ Program to schools.

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In Part 1 of the "Entrepreneur of the Month" series, meet syndicated columnist, speaker, and seminar leader David J. Pollay whose mission – through his teachings born in the Positive Psychology Movement – is to uniquely engage employees and executives to live their best life possible!

In Part 2 of the "Entrepreneur of the Month" series, watch how teachers at The Village Academy, an elementary school in Delray Beach, responded to what David J. Pollay has developed and defined as "The Law of the Garbage Truck!

Teachers and School Leaders

Teachers and School Leaders

Teachers and School Leaders

What Teachers and School Leaders say about The Law of the Garbage Truck® Program for Schools

“Your program helped me to stop and think of all he positive things in my life. Sharing with others here made me more aware of what makes others happy. Your program helped me realize how easy and important it can be to just let the Garbage pass me by, and not to dump on others.”
– Randi, Boynton Beach, FL

“As a sensitive woman who works very hard not to be a Garbage Truck, I get so offended and waste so much good energy on Garbage Trucks who dump on me. I am so GRATEFUL to have tools, to hear your words, and to learn how to focus on the Pledge to smile, wave, and let Garbage pass me by. Thank you. We often know these things but need to hear it from someone else's lips who we have great respect for. Thank you David!!”
– Hope, Boynton Beach, FL

“It helped me by reinforcing the power of positive thinking and choosing happiness. The Law of the Garbage Truck should be part of everyone's life. It makes you focus on what is important and what is not. I love the workshop and would love more of them.”
– Judy, New Rochelle, NY

“I loved the garbage truck story – I try to live my life that way – I believe everyone should, and would certainly benefit by trying.”
– Barbara, Boca Raton, FL

“You always inspire me! I'm so grateful to you for sharing and spreading your wealth of knowledge with us. You corroborate everything with a wonderful story. I can listen to you all day. ”
– Karen, Boca Raton, FL

“It is sometimes difficult to stay focused and positive. It was wonderful to be reminded of this and to be given some tools to help us. Gratitude is a truly amazing thing. Well done!”
– Cathy, Coral Springs, FL

“As always, you inspire me to be better and think more positively. Come and talk to us again!”
– Karen, Boca Raton, FL

“Today was just what I needed. I absolutely prioritize the important things in my life that I am so grateful for. I hope to be as contagious as you. Your workshops are phenomenal. This world would be a better and happier place if everyone shared your awesome views and philosophies. Thanks!!”
– Stacey, Miami, FL

“You remind me that I have to say to my own children more often that I love them. I felt wonderful when in one minute I discovered ten things or people to be grateful for.”
– Francis, Boynton Beach, FL

“For me it was so inspiring. You put life in perspective, and are extremely uplifting. Thank you. I'm grateful to know you!”
– Jill, Boynton Beach, FL

“Excellent as usual! Can you do another program this year? I will incorporate these skills into both my professional life and personal life. Thank you!”
– Melissa, Boca Raton, FL

“Seeing you makes me stop and think. It's very easy to focus on the negative, however, you always make me think about the positive things in life and make me change the direction of my thoughts.”
– Nancy, Waldwick, NJ

“I can't thank you enough for all of your amazing words! I strongly believe that gratitude changes your life!! I use it daily in my life. I look forward to buying your book and CDs. I enjoy seeing you and hearing you speak. Today was amazing! I am so grateful you came to speak here and I hope to see you both again soon. I will use this tonight in my speech to parents.”
– Linda, Parkland, FL

“Every time I see a child that I had in my class, I say to them, "Everyday when I wake up I know something special was going to happen to me, and today it was you!" David…today it was you!”
– Lori, Boca Raton, FL

“Thanks for the encouragement to focus on the positives! I love the Garbage Truck story – and will use it!”
– Emilie, Boca Raton, FL

“Gratitude is Everything! Puts life in perspective. Your Garbage Truck philosophy will become part of my daily life!”
– Laura, Boca Raton, FL

“I think that it would be great to say the No Garbage Trucks! Pledge at the beginning of every meeting.”
– Rhonda, Delray Beach, FL

“I always look forward to your events, because I know you will give a great session. You opened my eyes to things I haven't thought about. I need to get rid of some Garbage!”
– Sheri, Wellington, FL

“Today's event made me think more about how I have impacted the lives of my students and I am also realizing that I have to thank individuals more for the way they allow me to use my strengths.”
– Helen, Delray Beach, FL

“Another great presentation! It brought out all the positive emotions and thoughts in my life. It allowed me to talk with other teachers and learn things about them.”
– Lisa, Delray Beach, FL

“We need this every week to give us a shot of motivation.”
– Victor, La Linea, Spain

“Today's event helped me realize that if you exercise patience and persistence, new opportunities will come your way. Being faithful and humble will pay off in the end.”
– Kenya, Delray Beach, FL

“This session really helped me a lot. My goal is to get my lower level readers up a level, so I have implemented a few ideas. When we did our last exercise it really gave me some more good ideas to help my students improve their reading comprehension. Thank you for doing what you do.”
– Marsha, West Palm Beach, FL

“I can't thank you enough for all of your amazing words! I strongly believe that gratitude changes your life!! I use it daily in my life. I look forward to buying your book and CDs. I enjoy seeing you and hearing you speak. Today was amazing! I am so grateful you came to speak here and I hope to see you again soon. I will use this tonight in my speech to parents.”
– Linda, Parkland, FL

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